Sunday, June 22, 2014

chocolate caramel cake

I was listening to the radio this week, and the show's host was talking about that Miranda Lambert song, Automatic, which waxes nostalgic about pay phones, snail mail, and using a Rand McNally to get where you're going.   While admittedly have a fascination with most things vintage, I definitely appreciate having a maps app on my phone to help me get around, and I certainly think those hand-crank windows and lack of air conditioning in my mom's old Jeep Wrangler make it less than ideal as a method of summertime transportation to work.  While vintage isn't bad, improvements certainly aren't either.

Thus, we come to this cake:  this recipe is certainly '90s vintage, and I'm pretty sure my family has been making it since before dial-up was popular.  We made this cake up for my little sister's Mia's birthday this year, and we put a twist on the original recipe.  Here, I shared both the '90s vintage recipe and the everything-homemade-since-all-the-things-are-on-the-line-nowadays recipe that we used this year.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

instarecipe: copycat gorilla mac & cheese dogs

At the end of April, my sister Mia came over to spend the weekend with my sister Hannah, who lives down the street from me.  She's pretty bossy for a twelve year old, and she asked me to make homemade gorilla mac & cheese dogs, like the ones they make down the street from me at Steve's Hot Dogs.  I looked to Nick, of course, because he's often saying I spoil her, but given that they both have the palates of a twenty-something overgrown male (in spite of the fact that she's a middle school girl), he acquiesced.  He fried up the onions, and I made the mac & cheese.  And the results were delicious.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

blackberry oatmeal bars

She packed three lunches every morning, she'd serve a slice of homemade birthday cake on a special blue plate, and she'd always have dinner ready for us to sit down together.

I don't know how my mother ever managed to keep the three of us in line and still managed to do cook and clean up after us, but she did.  Though Steph, Hannah, and I are grown-up and out of the house, she still amazes me:  this semester, she's been renovating her home, studying for her real estate license, and getting Mia through sixth grade (who is probably as high maintenance as the three of us were put together--just kidding, Mia! haha).

This recipe is for one of her go-to afternoon snacks from when we were kids:  she adapted it from Cooking Light once upon a time and has perfected it since she started making it, substituting raspberry jam for apricot jam and adding a little butter to make the oatmeal base more moist.

Monday, May 5, 2014

cinco de mayo: coconut-lime-pineapple pork & black bean tacos

I'm not wasting away again in Margaritaville (salt! salt! salt!) this Cinco de Mayo, but instead am gearing up for a busy week--my sister Steph is graduating from college this Friday! 

(Congratulations, Steph!)

She's graduating from my alma mater this Friday and my impending trip back down South for her graduation in conjunction with Cinco de Mayo today has had me reminiscing about spending the Cinco de Mayo before my undergraduate graduation with some of my BFFLs.  I may or may not have celebrated that Cinco de Mayo with a margarita or two.