Monday, January 28, 2013

meal plan monday

Every week, I sit down on Sunday and make a meal plan for the week.  I make up my grocery list and get all my groceries for the week in one trip, and it makes my life so much easier.  When dinnertime rolls around, it quells my pangs of hanger (that crabby feeling when you are hungry) because I already know what I'm fixing, and I already have all the ingredients, too.

I thought it might be fun to share some of my weekly meal plans on the blog, and I figured it would motivate me to snap a few pictures of dinner every day to get some more practice with the camera.

I try to pick meals that use some of the same ingredients, which I find really helpful when grocery shopping.  For example, one of my use-in-many-meals items this past week was bacon:  I used half a pound for the tartiflette and the other half pound for the flatbreads.

Here is last week's meal plans, which serve about 2 per night, with a few notes on the recipes I used:

Monday:  Spicy Shrimp & Parmesan Couscous

Made these shrimp and served them over a box of 5-minute Parmesan couscous.  A quarter pound of shrimp is about a serving.

Tuesday:  Tartiflette

Followed this recipe, but used 12 ounces of brie cheese instead of the recommended cheese and a used a half pound of bacon.

Wednesday:  Breakfast-for-Dinner Flatbreads

Here's the recipe with details.

Thursday:  Leftover Tartiflette

Leftovers are a homemade dinner that requires no effort; doesn't get better than that if you ask me!

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