Monday, March 4, 2013

meal plan monday

I'm just dying right now because it's Monday.  Dragging myself out of bed this morning was a struggle; I'm addicted to my morning routine of that Maxwell House vanilla caramel latte mix + blog reading before school, which is the only thing that got me up this morning.

In other, more interesting news, my sister Steph was home this weekend for her spring break, so on Saturday, Nick and I made a late lunch/early dinner with those PF Chang's Copycat lettuce wraps and this gooey chocolate caramel cake (okay, so I did most of the dessert and he did most of the chicken filling for the lettuce wraps).  Both were pretty good, and I got to spend some time with Steph both Saturday evening and Sunday.  What's better than time spent wrapped in a heated blanket talking about food and Gorgeous George? :  )

monday:  brussels sprouts, bacon, avocado, and lime skillet
recipe found at the little red house.
I modified this recipe a little bit by only having the brussels sprouts.  I then cooked the halved Brussels sprouts with the bacon.  I also changed this up by browning a little butter (about 1 to 2 tablespoons worth) and mixing it with the lime juice before pouring it over the avocado, brussels sprouts and bacon.  This was so good and so full of greens:  the perfect balance between healthy and indulgent.

tuesday:  grilled balsamic flank steak on a bed of spinach + james beard cream biscuits
recipes found on Point-less Meals & the my blog.
This was so good and incredibly easy (just marinate and then grill the flank steak!).  I didn't change much, except I served it on a bed of spinach to get some greens in there.

the flank steak on a bed of spinach

Of note, that one pound of flank steak definitely does not serve four... more like two and change, especially if you're really hungry.

served with these biscuits.

wednesday:  torta di spinaci
recipe for this quiche with whole wheat crust, spinach, caramelized onion, roasted red pepper, goat cheese, & parmesan found on my blog.
This will definitely leave you with leftovers, but the leftovers are perfect for lunch--hot or cold.

thursday: chicken, bacon, and rice bowls
recipe found on Iowa Girl Eats.
I tried this without baking my bacon because I was trying to save on some dishes, but I wish I would've baked it, as baked bacon always turns out crispier.  This is another really easy meal, though!

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