Monday, March 18, 2013

meal plan monday

There's something that I absolutely love about grocery stores (maybe the food?); I know that's not something most people love, but I can even fritter away my time in my local grocery store (now you know why I do these once-a-week meal plans + grocery shopping trips).

Granted, an enormous portion of my time spent in a grocery store is passed by agonizing over several insignificant decisions (Do I want the Schnucks brand or the Kraft brand?  Do I want this avocado or that one?).   In spite of this, I still just enjoy browsing around the grocery store.

Given this information, it should come as no surprise when I tell you that the highlight of my weekend was my Friday night trip to both World Market and Whole Foods.  (Okay, I stopped by the mall briefly, only to find out that the shop I was seeking was not there; I did enjoy spending a quiet thirty minutes sitting on and admiring the gorgeous, leather couches in Restoration Hardware.  Evidently, your typical Restoration Hardware customers do not shop on a Friday night and are perhaps out having a nice steak dinner.)

Every time I go to Whole Foods, I am amazed first by their beautiful produce, chocolate, and cheese sections and second by their prices.  Of course, as it was a Friday night, I treated myself to some jumbo dried figs at Whole Foods, which I really want to fill with chocolate ganache.  Obviously, I went really crazy. 

Speaking of food, here (finally) is the meal plan for the week!

monday:  white bean, goat cheese, bacon, spinach, caramelized onion, & avocado quesadillas

Find the recipe here on the blog!

tuesday:  bacon, eggs, & roasted asparagus baguette

This recipe is also on the blog, located here!

wednesday:  buttermilk-brined cornish hens + roasted brussels sprouts with garlic aioli
The recipe for the buttermilk-brined hens can be found on Kitchen Confidante.  I made two of these Cornish hens, but I think that one twenty-two ounce Cornish hen (which is what was available at my grocery store) really could serve two people on its own... especially if you are serving it with a pound-and-a-half of Brussels sprouts.  I roasted mine in my cast-iron skillet, and I loved the seasoning in the buttermilk brine!  Also, if you are using a meat thermometer to cook these, I highly recommend the USDA recommended temperature of 165 degrees F as opposed to the 180 degrees F temperature listed in the recipe.  Buy one of those meat thermometer that tells you when you've reached the right temperature; it'll be the best investment you ever made, as you'll have perfectly cooked meat every time.

I used this recipe from Life/Style 365 for these roasted Brussels sprouts with garlic aioli.  I prefer my sprouts to be in halves, not quarters, as you can see.  I also roasted them for a shorter amount of time, but at 425 degrees F, as I roasted them as the Cornish hens finished baking.   As for the aioli, I recommend sprinkling in some garlic salt, table salt, and pepper.

P.S. I'm sorry for finding a new way to eat Brussels sprouts every week; I hope you can forgive my addiction.  Brussels sprouts with Siracha aioli comin' at you next week! ;  )

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