Monday, April 1, 2013

easter (part 1)

This week, I thought I'd do a little something different; my mother hosted a beautiful Easter luncheon this weekend, and I thought it would be fun to share our menu, her beautiful tablescapes, and some of my family's Easter traditions.  Today, I'll be sharing our Easter table setting and later this week I'll be sharing our menu with recipe links and photos.

general view of the easter table
This year, my mother had twelve in for lunch--quite the crowd!  We also had the good fortune of having all of my immediate family together (my parents + us four girls), as my sister Steph came up from Nashville for the weekend.

Our Easter started out on Saturday night; my mom, Steph, Mia, Nick, and I went to the Easter vigil mass at the church a few blocks from my house in St. Louis, and, man, was it the fastest Easter vigil mass that I've ever attended.  One-and-a-half hours, which isn't too bad considering I once went to a nearly four hour service at the Nashville cathedral when I was in undergrad (of course, I never went to that one again!).

(FYI, Hannah, who my mom refers to as "church girl of the year" for who-knows-what reason, wasn't skipping out; she had to work.)

bunny napkins, folded by mia.

In addition to being fairly short, the Easter vigil service we attended was quite interesting, starting off the right way when they kindled the traditional Easter fire in a mini Target charcoal grill ("It smells like steak!" whispered Mia).  The homily, though, had to be my favorite part of the experience, by far, as the priest kept repeating that we should all be "like the women" who believed and announced the resurrection of Jesus, quite the interesting sentiment coming from a Catholic homily, right?  I had to throw a couple of smiles in Steph's direction, as I knew that she, the most feminist of all us girls, would certainly appreciate his love for "the women."

As the priest wrapped up his homily, he circled back around to telling us to be "like the women," and my mother whispered over to Steph, "Wait, what's he talking about the women for?"

shot of most of the table.
On Sunday morning, I drove over to my parents' house early, and we all got started cooking and baking and getting ready for company.  Well... technically speaking, everyone else was already doing all that when I got there, but, to be fair, I did do my share of the work when I got there!

another general view of the table.
I also snapped a few pictures of my mother's charming Easter table.  Aren't those centerpieces perfect?  She has quite an eye for all things decorative & homey.

the place cards were also made by mia.  mine was labeled with "evil queen regina" a la abc's once upon a time character.

Mia, the almost-eleven-year-old origami queen, folded a lot of the bunny napkins you see in the pictures.  She was also responsible for the darling place cards, which feature two mini origami bunnies glued onto them.  As is expected with Mia, she labeled my place as belonging to "Evil Queen Regina." She must love me so much.

part of the dinner buffet.  recipes & photos are coming later this week.
My mother roasted a leg of lamb this Easter, Steph made grits and a spinach & sausage pie, Hannah made some cheesy buns, and I worked with Steph on those asparagus-goat cheese tarts.

fruit salad + dessert.

Even though everyone except Mia is an adult, my mother still does Easter baskets every year for us all in addition to putting on a beautiful brunch.  This year, Hannah and Mia put the Easter baskets together in a series of fancy take-out boxes, as you can see below.  Mia kept telling me that the "Buddha" bunny had delivered them, thinking herself rather clever for coming up with that; just look at that smile on her face and you can see just how clever she thinks she is.

mia with the easter "baskets" that she said were delivered by the "buddha bunny."

While it was a short day (Steph was driving back to Nashville at 2 and Hannah had to leave for work at 1:30), it was absolutely lovely.  I only wish we had had a little more time for some Easter egg dyeing, as I know Hannah and Mia would have had some creative and artistic (read:  probably inappropriate) Easter eggs.  Oh, well.  There's always next year.  :  )

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