Wednesday, April 24, 2013

spring birthday extravaganza shenanigans

Celebrating Mia, Hannah, and Nick's birthdays this past weekend was... so much fun.  Their spring birthday extravaganza was, of course, a weekend-long giant food fest.  Here are the highlights in pictures.  :  )

For Hannah's birthday on Friday, my mom picked up some of the best steaks from Edwardsville Frozen Foods, a cute small-town small business.  My mom also refers to it as "the meat locker," which apparently makes it sound like a gay bar name... but, as you can see from the picture below, they obviously only sell literal meat.  :  )

We also did chocolate fondue for Hannah's birthdays and served it up with pound cake, rice krispy treats, and fresh strawberries.  We were also supposed to have some "cake balls" to dip in the chocolate fondue.  They were supposed to be made from cake leftover from Mia's birthday, but... I really messed those up.  Let me just tell you that if you ever want to make cake balls, don't try to add the cake to the frosting:  add the frosting to the cake.  It really does not take a full batch of frosting to make cake balls, and you might just render the whole batch inedible if you add the full batch of frosting.  Especially if you try to subsequently thicken it with cooked oatmeal!

Mia (& Sierra) had a great time celebrating, as you can see below.  She's donned her evil crown:
For Nick's birthday on Saturday, I picked up some daisies at the grocery store on my second trip there (oops).  Mia took one look at them and said, "Girls don't give boys flowers; it's weird."

Saturday and Sunday, we had beautiful weather, too.  On Saturday, I attempted to make some copycat Seoul tacos and, on Sunday, Nick made these copycat In-n-Out burgers, which were extra good and greasy.  They ended up being cooked short-order style, so they maybe weren't my best choice for a sit-down lunch, but they were still so delicious.

Oh, and I made a typewriter cake for Nick's birthday!  Tutorial coming soon!

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