Friday, April 19, 2013

spring things

This weekend, I'm celebrating the biggest spring holiday:  a weekend-long triple birthday party.  My sister Mia's birthday is April 18th, my sister Hannah's birthday is April 19th (they are nine years apart, though), and Nick's birthday is April 20th.

Today, I thought I'd just share some of my favorite things so far this spring (in no particular order).  :  )

1.  This small-batch recipes group board on Pinterest.  People have been sharing excellent recipes, especially in one- or two- serving sizes.  Everyone is welcome to follow it and pin to it; you can even leave a comment on this post with your Pinterest username if you want me to invite you to pin to it!

2.  Spring weather.  Yes, it's been raining a lot, but it's also been so beautiful.  My spring weather weakness is Tower Grove Park.  

3.  This bouquet of newly sharpened pencils a la You've Got Mail.  It's currently decorating my kitchen.

4.  Easy baked sweet potato fries with vanilla glaze dippin' sauce.  I made them again this past week, and I snapped some pictures of them so look for them on the blog soon.

5.  This picture of Hannah's little redneck dog who just sits around with a tennis ball hanging half out of his mouth.

6.  These mini latte bowls.  So excited to serve up some homemade ice cream in them!

7.  King Arthur Flour Baker's Companion Cookbook.  This book is FULL of great recipes.  Plus, I have a King Arthur weakness because they're an employee-owned company.  And, their Instagram pictures make me want to work there.  Then again, I feel the same way about Martha Stewart Living.

8.  Seoul Taco.  I've seen their food truck around STL and at Food Truck Friday in Tower Grove Park, but I don't like to wait for food, so I'd never tried it.  Last week, Nick and I ventured all the way over to the Loop to try out their new restaurant.  So good.  I want to know how they make that "Seoul Sauce"....

9.  Oh so the spring birthday extravaganza?  It was kicked off with a fifth grade "mad scientist" party and this Elephant Toothpaste.  I've seen some pretty great science demonstrations in my time, but this was one of the best.  All credit to my mother for organizing the various "science experiments" that the girls couldn't get enough of.

10.  As always, these golden boys.  Oh, and this song.

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