Friday, July 5, 2013

fourth of july puppy love

Yesterday, we seriously celebrated.  The best part?
The pretzel burger buns we served our BBQ bacon cheeseburgers on; they made our burgers seem awfully gourmet (of course, my mother's perfect burger grilling skills helped with that, too).

Coming in close second to those buns was watching my sister Hannah's puppy Pilot (pictured above) swim; he's more of a belly flopper than my parents' dog, Briar, who prefers to get in and out of the pool via the stairs.

Despite his bravery in hopping in the water (and as you can see from the pictures), Pilot had quite a bit of encouragement from my eleven-year-old sister Mia, his soulmate, to get him in the water at first; those two are so ornery and lovable at the same time.

"Go get it, Pilot!"

Ready to shake all over everyone.

And ready to have Briar join in the fun:

Hope you had a lovely Independence day, too!

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