Monday, September 2, 2013

giro della montagna

My Labor Day weekend was brimming over with meatball-making, brownie-baking, and stracciatella gelato.  My parents and two of my sisters were over all day Sunday for my neighborhood's annual Giro della Montagna, a day full of semi-professional and professional bike races.  It's Italian-themed, too, if you can't tell from the photos below.  I enjoy watching every year with my family, and, this year, as usual, my dad fit right in with the Hill crowd, the races were close and exciting to watch, and the food was pretty darn good.  My only wish for next year is that I can be tan enough to sit next my dad...  :  )

Oh, and that my 11-year-old sister Mia won't sequester herself in my house to boss around three golden retrievers!

St. Ambrose Church

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