Saturday, December 7, 2013

diy vanilla extract labels with free printable

While I've been anticipating Christmas since late September when I started my DIY Vanilla Extract, with the advent (pun intended) of December, I feel like I haven't been able to get much in the Christmas spirit.

While the past week has been fun for me (I spent the week doing the night shifts of on the labor & delivery service of my Obstetrics & Gynecology rotation), it was a little exhausting adjusting to being awake all night, and I haven't had the energy to work on many of my Christmas projects (other than getting my tree up!).

Fortunately, I have been able to pepper my days this past week with a little Christmas music, including the soundtrack from my favorite Christmas movie, You've Got Mail.

Before the week started, I was also able to put together the labels for my vanilla extract with a little help from Nick... which brings us back to You've Got Mail.  You see, Nick, whose man crush on Tom Hanks rivals his affection for me, has about five typewriters.  Now, if you've seen the film, you may recall that Greg Kinnear, Meg Ryan's boyfriend pre-Tom Hanks, has several of typewriters ...  Yes, that "You are a lone reed" guy.

Just as Greg Kinnear insists on sending Meg Ryan off with a typewriter-written burst of inspiration, Nick has insisted both this year and last year that my vanilla extract labels would be lacking in character if they were not written by typewriter.  Apparently, you cannot achieve the same vintage look with a computer printout.   

The download I've included at the end of the post is obviously not written by typewriter, but it does include the typewriter-inspired font I was going to use before my Gregory-Peck-glasses-wearing, typewriter-using, bread-baking, possibly-hipster significant other insisted on manually typing them out.   It's a cute font and very similar to the typewritten one used here (though my computer-generated font produces a much more uniform appearance).

Oh and P.S. did you know Tom Hanks has a collection of about 150 typewriters?  Man crush explained.

Click here to download.

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