Tuesday, January 7, 2014

a new year

Suffice it to say:  I've been on vacation.

Well, on vacation from this blog, at least.   You see, Nick wrote a couple of posts in December (the hearth bread and then the cinnamon rolls) because I was crazy-busy towards the end of my OB/GYN rotation; what with work and Christmas shopping and all, I didn't leave myself much time for baking, let alone for writing for this little bit of internet space.  I was only a little jealous that he was baking up a storm and contributing to my blog,  but somehow I got over even that little bit of envy when he made me homemade Japanese ramen twice.

When my long-lost two weeks of vacation finally decided to show its face, I had all kinds of plans, and I sprung right into them.  Nick and I went to visit his parents for a whirlwind pre-Christmas celebration only to come back home to churn out some chocolate babkagoat cheese souffles, and homemade bacon (more on my take on all those later) all in about the span of twenty-four hours.  Oh, and we had that whole Christmas celebration thing with my family, which turned out to be both beautiful and delicious (after I packaged some of my favorite things up for everyone for Christmas, of course).

I may or may not have also whipped up a little Bailey's Original Irish Cream for my mother and spent the evening of Christmas day knitting a slightly twisted infinity scarf that Mia may or may not have immediately claimed despite the fact that I was thinking about unraveling and redoing it because I hated those twists.

She's also claiming my second Katniss-inspired cowl, which is well underway.

So, now, about this new year:  I'm sure today I'd be sharing a recipe if it weren't so darn cold and snowy out.  Or if Nick were available to wash my dishes instead of gallivanting around Hong Kong.  But I'm sure one of those will come soon enough (preceded, of course, by a little humble bragging about the aforementioned cowl I made).

But, this year, I can't wait to catalog more recipes so that my mom doesn't have to go searching through her perfectly organized recipe file (she claims there's a method to that madness, at least), and I'm hoping to throw more crafts up here, too.  I've already got a long list of projects I'm dying to start (that's really a more limited version of my Pinterest pins), and I'm already working on them.

As my sister Hannah might say, I'm a hipster so I love to make sh**.

Oh, and why is she calling me a hipster despite the fact that I live in St. Louis, have zero tattoos, and don't have a penchant for smoking Parliaments (for a refresher on what a hipster is, Urban Dictionary has a number of good definitions).

Well, perhaps it's because I've got a hipster dog:

She is apparently fond of typewriters and Gregory Peck glasses.

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