Friday, January 17, 2014

katniss inspired cowl

This is my sweater-that-I-forgot-to-finish.  My half-a-sweater.

According to my father, at least.

You see, I spent some time at my parents' house after Christmas, and I did quite a bit of work on this cowl.  But, before we get to that, let's talk about the inspiration for this cowl:  Katniss's "shield" in the film Catching Fire.

For Christmas, I made my mother this big, chunky knit blanket; shortly thereafter, she suggested that I take a look at the cowl that Katniss wears in the film.  I, unfortunately, had not seen the film yet, but a quick google search inspired me to watch it finally... bootleg because there was not in a 30 mile radius playing the movie.  Needless to say, I was at Joann's shopping for yarn the afternoon after I saw the film.

I picked out a pattern and got to work, to o the envy of my youngest sister Mia, but to the disdain of my dad.  He walked in the kitchen while I was working on the cowl and said, "Gina, Hannah and I figured out what you and Nick are."

A pause.

"Hannah, what did we call them?"

"Hipsters," she responded.

I concluded that he must not be familiar with the definition of hipster; I mean, he did ask whether or not I forgot to finish half of this sweater.

For this cowl, I bought this pattern on Ravelry for the Katniss Inspired Cowl by Dahlia in Bloom.  I used two-and-a-half skeins of the Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick Yarn in Oatmeal, which I bought at my local Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft Store.  I used size 17 circular needles instead of the straight needles, and I highly recommend those in place of the straight needles.

Once I got the hang of the herringbone stitch (watch a youtube tutorial), this pattern flew by... Hopefully, I can churn out a second one soon (hopefully for Mia, at least!).


  1. Yours looks shorter than the one pictured on ravelry. Did you make it shorter? Is there a way to easily knit it shorter?

  2. Are you selling these. I love it

  3. If you are, id love to buy one