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My name is Gina, and this is where I chronicle my adventures, principally those in cooking & baking.   I generally cook and bake in small batches, so you will mostly find small-sized recipes here, although you will occasionally find things that might serve a crowd (i.e. my immediate family).

In the non-recipe part of the blog, I write a lot about my family.  I am a graduate student living relatively close to my family (within a 30-minute drive), so I see them often.  A family of four girls, we are also very close.  I am the oldest, my sister Stephanie is next, and she is away at school, my sister Hannah is the third and is at the same university as I am, and my sister Mia is last but definitely not the least at 10 years old.  Of course, Mia still lives with my parents, but she still somehow manages to run everyone's lives.  :  )

I originally started this blog because I really enjoyed snapping pictures of everything I made, and I found it was a great way to keep track of my favorite new and old recipes and the pictures that I took along with them.  I hope you enjoy it!

Things you can expect to see often in recipes on this blog (in no particular order):  sweets of all kinds, chocolate, goat cheese, avocado, lime, bbq sauce, spinach, Brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes, peanut butter, layer cakes, asparagus, tacos, white cheddar, butter, portobello mushrooms, sprinkles, sriracha sauce, and Urzi's bread dipping spice.

If you would like to contact me, please leave a comment on a post or email me at gina {at} words and whisks {dot} com!

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