Although I usually list my favorite ingredients in each recipe, I have decided to compile a list of them here for reference.  I am neither affiliated with nor compensated by any of these brands; I simply have a preference for using them in the kitchen.  I list them here because I myself like to know as many specifics when I make my grocery list, and I hope that sharing such a list will be useful to anyone who feels the same.
  • Chocolate.
    For the most part, I buy Ghiradelli brand chocolate products, as they make the most quality chocolate that is within my price range.  I like to stock up on their semi-sweet baking bar and their milk chocolate chips, but if a recipe calls for some other kind of chocolate, I will most likely still buy the Ghiradelli version.  The exception to this is sometimes white chocolate (see below).
  • White Chocolate.
    If I am using white chocolate chips, I usually buy the Ghiradelli brand.  If I am melting white chocolate, I will typically buy Baker's White Chocolate because it is more affordable than the Ghiradelli White Chocolate Baking Bars.  Occasionally, I will splurge on the Ghiradelli bar if I only need to melt a small amount.
  • Cocoa Powder.
    I am very loyal to Hershey's Special Dark cocoa powder because I like how intensely chocolatey it makes my baked goods.
  • Peanut Butter.
    I am similarly loyal to Jif Creamy Reduced Fat Peanut Butter.  I like it better than the regular because I think it has a better texture and flavor.
  • All-Purpose Flour.
    I always like to have either White Lily and King Arthur flour in my pantry.
  • Butter.I like real butter.  I normally just buy my store brand butter, but I usually buy the salted, regardless of what the recipe calls for because, well, salted anything is just better if you ask me.
  • Milk.
    If I use milk in a recipe, I am using whole milk 99% of the time.  I like to have whole milk in my fridge because it is good to have for making ice cream on a whim and because it seems to help any recipe along just a little bit. 
  • Italian Seasoning.
    I have Italian seasoning, but I hardly (i.e. never) use it.  I use Urzi's Bread Dipping Spice instead, and I use it like it's going out of style.  I buy it here, and I think it is perfect for anything with cheese, garlic, or tomatoes (i.e. anything Italian).
  • Cheese.
    If a recipe calls for sliced cheese or if I am making a sandwich, I usually buy my cheese already sliced, either from the deli or in a package, depending on what looks better and what is more economical.  When I use shredded or grated cheese in a recipe, I always buy a block of cheese and use my Microplane Cheese Grater to grate it myself.  I find grating cheese myself not only saves money but gives me fresher cheese.
  • Garlic.
    I have no garlic press, and I have no intentions to roast garlic every time I need it, so I typically buy the Gilroy Farms Crushed Garlic in a jar, which I find in my grocery store near the dry garlic.

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